Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitter and Me

These last few days have been my first ever experience with Twitter. I have mixed thoughts and feelings on it, but so far my experience can be collectively expressed through this cartoon:

I don't really like the way this website is organized and I hate the 180 character thing, both of these things are really frustrating. But I guess that frustration is valuable, because it gives me and idea of how teachers who are new to all of this feel. My mom is going to college online, and when she doesn't grasp things like how to use Word, it can be frustrating to teacher her- this is easy, why aren't you getting it?! This Twitter business is helping me understand the importance of patience, and also introduced me to a site I would have otherwise never used. Mr. Smith should teach us to use Tumblr next, because that baffles me too!


  1. Twitter CAN be very frustrating, I agree! Although I don't hate it (anymore), it still baffles me sometimes!

  2. that cartoon is pretty funny! I was definitely on the same boat as you when I first started Twitter. Eventually I understood it though and it became alot easier for me. Hope the same for you!

  3. I didn't like twitter when I first started using it either but now I check my personal twitter all the time! It just takes some playing around and getting used to!